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Melican Grainger are passionate about using their expertise to guide and mentor entrepreneurs to grow their business…

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Whether you need a simple tax return, or full service tax advice, Melican Grainger are ready to work with you..

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At Melican Grainger we love working with you to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals…


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Whether you need a simple tax return, or full service advice we are ready to be by your side. At Melican Partners we’re more than a calculator, we’re your partner.

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For all your financial planning needs, whether you require superannuation, insurance or you’re wanting to set up for retirement, we can be there every step of the way to ensure peace of mind.

Provide business advice

Whether you’re brand new to business or an established business owner wanting to grow and expand, Melican Partners can provide you with the guidance and support you need to take that next step.

About Melican Partners

Melican Partners in Greensborough are eager to work together with you in seeking to build and establish opportunities to grow your wealth and add value to your business.

We have a client first approach ensuring that each client has a personalised service that is directly catered to their individual and professional needs.

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