Small Business Bookkeeping Services in Greensborough, Eltham, Doreen & Diamond Creek

Melican Partners’ team often work with small businesses on their bookkeeping or other accounting needs throughout the Diamond Valley,  Greensborough, Eltham, Doreen and Diamond Creek. Whether you run a small business or big business, you cannot escape keeping track of your transactions. Do you know that bookkeeping plays an important role in the effective and proper management of a business?

We Are Here To Assist With Your Bookkeeping Needs

Bookkeeping enables business to keep track of their business and measure their performance. It also provides reliable and insightful information about the current state of a business, which will in turn help stakeholders to devise an effective strategy that will further help the business to achieve great success.

In addition to keeping your business organised, bookkeeping also help you to prepare for your tax returns. While the traditional manually way of bookkeeping is still in existence, it is really limited and can be tedious and time consuming sometimes.

The modern way of bookkeeping has made bookkeeping to be easy, convenient, and time saving. Our company uses innovative modern bookkeeping technology which is very cost effective, reliable, and efficient. We make use of user friendly software that keeps track of all your transactions, whether complex or simple, and report them in a very comprehensible manner.

Bookkeeping Services

We offer a full range of bookkeeping services, which includes:

  • A Full Recordkeeping Service; Either Monthly, Quarterly or Annually 
  • Monthly Bank Reconciliations
  • Regular Performance and Management Reviews 
  • Preparation and Lodgment of Business Activity Statements and Instalment Activity Statements
  • Actuals Vs Budget
  • Payroll Services, Including PAYG Withholding and Superannuation Service
  • Accounts Payable Management 
  • Business Management Advice
  • Tax Minimisation 
  • Accounts Receivable Management