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Take control of your super by setting up a self-managed super fund (SMSF). At Melican Partners, we can help you work out if a SMSF is right for you.

Successfully managing a SMSF takes time, commitment and expertise. Our team of accountants at Melican Partners can assess your financial situation and goals and tailor a superannuation fund structure and investment strategy that will align your investments with your retirement goals.

A SMSF gives you greater control but more responsibility

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Why do you need self managed superannuation funds?

You might not think a lot about the expenses and the income, but when you are running a company, it is important to note down every transaction, whether it is an expense or an income transaction.

For any organisation, it becomes extremely vital to have all the information related to the Company’s expenses and other revenue details. For entering and noting down the invoices and the bills along with creating the customer invoices, you will require self managed superannuation funds to get the best results for the expense management and revenue management option.

Companies that do not have a proper team for financial reporting and management should go for the self managed superannuation funds that will help with reporting and cash flow management. Budgeting and forecasting are also something that most bookkeeping services provide.

You have to make sure you are choosing a company that can help you with general ledger reconciliation and also helps you with tax preparation and other costing details.

The Benefits of a Self-Managed Super Fund

The benefits of operating a SMSF are that you have more control over how your funds are invested, more choice of investments, more taxation benefit. For larger balances, savings in administration costs can be achieved.

  • Greater investment choice, such as property or even artwork
  • Better performance when compared to retail and industry funds
  • Having a super fund tailored to your unique financial circumstances
  • A risk management strategy tailored to your aversion to risk

SMSF Advice - What to do next

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