InterPrac Financial Planning Newsletter Edition 1 2023

Welcome to the Autumn edition of our Insights Newsletter! We hope you made the most of summer, but now it’s time for whistles and sirens as footy and netball are back. Good luck to your team(s) and your tipping! On a more sombre note, as interest rates made their relentless upwards march over many months, the pressure on millions of Australians has increased.


Concerningly, for many it’s not about which model of new car to buy next, but rather how to keep a roof over their families’ heads and put food on the table. Please be aware and compassionate – this may be your neighbour, your mate, your colleague, your relative. After a challenging year for markets globally, our first article, ‘Australia – the lucky country again?’, takes a look at the performance of Australian equity which was one of the best performing asset classes in 2022. We share our outlook for 2023.

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