EOFY Superannuation Changes

EOFY Superannuation Changes As the end of the financial year approaches, now is a good time to check your super and see what you could do to boost your retirement nest egg. What’s more, you could potentially reduce your tax bill at the same time. There are a handful of positive changes to super due… Continue reading EOFY Superannuation Changes

How to manage rising interest rates

How to manage rising interest rates Rising interest rates are almost always portrayed as bad news, by the media and by politicians of all persuasions. But a rise in rates cuts both ways. Higher interest rates are a worry for people with home loans and borrowers generally. But they are good news for older Australians… Continue reading How to manage rising interest rates

Benefits Of Cloud Based Accounting

Benefits of Cloud Accounting Is your company still using desktop software or spreadsheets for all your accounting needs? It might be time to consider upgrading to a cloud-based accounting system! Cloud-based accounting has many benefits over traditional desktop, on-premise solutions. It can allow your users to work from anywhere at any time, automate time-consuming manual… Continue reading Benefits Of Cloud Based Accounting

Planning for your 2022 Tax Return

What you need for your 2022 Tax Return Filing a tax return for the July 2021-June 2022 financial year requires careful attention, because keeping accurate records of your earnings and expenses can help you save a significant amount of money and maximise your tax return. What is a Tax Return? A tax return declaration form… Continue reading Planning for your 2022 Tax Return

Transition To Retirement

Easing into retirement As the nation drifts back to work after the summer break, it’s often a time goals for the new year are put into place. For some, an extended holiday may have convinced you that you are ready for more of the good life and that it’s time to retire. In the past,… Continue reading Transition To Retirement

The escalation in Ukraine tensions – implications for investors

The escalation in Ukraine tensions: Implications for investors Key Points  Ukraine tensions have escalated with Russia ordering troops into Ukraine regions already occupied by Russian separatists.  Share markets are at high risk of more downside on fear of further escalation and uncertainty about sanctions/gas supply to Europe.  The history of crisis events typically shows a… Continue reading The escalation in Ukraine tensions – implications for investors

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